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The Team
Paul, NAUI Course Director<br>
Paul, NAUI Course Director
Our NAUI Course Director - founder and co-owner - Paul's journey to the Samana Peninsula from Bolton, via Denmark and Spain, has been quite an adventure, but Paul thrives on adventure. He was born in Lancashire and, after a stint in the RAF, became a nightclub manager and professional DJ in the Midlands. His “itchy feet” took him to Denmark where his DJ career really took off. In his spare time, his love of the water found him teaching water skiing. Then he tried Scuba Diving and realised he could have more fun under the water! He has worked abroad on dive boats to further his diving career and, after meeting Diane, they moved to Spain to start their own Dive Centre. Many thousand dives later, he moved to the beautiful Dominican Republic in the Caribbean for year-round sunshine. Paul is now a NAUI Course Director. Is he having fun yet? You Bet!!​
Diane, Admin and Sales
Diane, Admin and Sales
With roots in Hackney in the East End of London, Diane always warns people that Scuba is a dangerous sport – dangerous because it can seriously change your life as it did hers. After meeting up with Paul in Denmark, she visited him whilst he was working in Kos and had her first experience of Scuba Diving. She was promptly bitten by the dive bug. She was working as a Principal Risk and Insurance Officer for an East London Local Authority but swapped this – and much more – to move, initially to Spain, now The Caribbean to start a new life and a Dive Centre. Now she works long hours but has the pleasure of watching students take their first tentative steps to becoming qualified divers. Would she swap anything? Nope!​
Audrey, NAUI Instructor Trainer
Audrey, NAUI Instructor Trainer
IT expert, globe-trotter, sailboat pirate, chef and restaurant owner Audrey caught the dive bug five years ago and now we can’t keep her out of the water. Trained by Paul up to NAUI divemaster here in the Domican Republic, she went to Tenerife to advance to NAUI Instructor with Course Director Trainer Richard Plumes from NAUI Francophone.​ Now an award winning NAUI Instructor Trainer and co-owner of The Dive Academy Las Terrenas, she is most likely the person you will deal with on the phone or by email. She speaks French, English with a French accent and Spanish with a French accent.​She is fondly known by students, interns, captains and tourists alike as THE KRAKEN.​
Antares video

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The Antares is our new diving catamaran.
Custom build, powered by twins 200hp yamaha, licensed for 38 passengers, she will bring you savely and in comfort to most most hidden spots and remotest beaches of the peninsula.